Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
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SGIL Personnel

Bret Cooper (Research Leader)
Kimberly Campbell
Hunter Beard
Rita Walker (Program Support Assistant)
Nazrul Islam (visiting scientist)
Gary Bauchan (Director, Electron and Confocal Microscopy Unit)
Joseph Mowery
Christopher Pooley
Mark Tucker (Research Molecular Biologist)
Ronghui Yang
Joonyup Kim (visiting scientist)
Marcio Ferreira (visiting scientist)
Savi Natarajan (Research Molecular Biologist)
Marcial "Talo" Pastor-Corrales (Research Plant Pathologist)
Qijian Song (Research Geneticist)
Edward Fickus
Charles Quigley
Patrick Elia (Curator, National Rhizobium Germplasm Collection)
Long Yan (visiting scientist)
Oscar Hurtado-Gonzales

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  Updated: 12/16