Electron Microscopy Unit Snow Page

Data for snow samples collected during the 2002 (CLPX) (IOP-1) Cold Land Processes Experiment for Low Temperature Scanning Electron Microscopy (LTSEM). (ISA) Intensive Study Area- Illinois River site located in the Northeast edge of the study area in patchy snow and bare ground; average snow cover over grasslands with scattered willows amd scrub vegetation. Samples Collected : by Eric Erbe-USDA-ARS-Beltsville Agricultural Research Center-Electron Microscopy Unit-Feb.20,2002, 12:30 AM , 15 meters East of the pit marking pole. Light graupel snow falling-No sun-breezy-below 0 degrees C entire period of collection Pit characterization done by Dr. Richard Armstrong.

Total Pit Depth: 28 cm AG= (above ground)
27-28 cm AG - Surface layer; dendritic crystals
14-27 cm AG - Hard sintered layer of old snow; small grains
10-14 cm AG - Loose facted depth hoar
0-10 cm AG - Heavily sintered depth hoar (still in cryostage, no pictures yet)

Samples for (LTSEM) taken from north facing pit wall. 2-3 samples collected from the center of each 10 cm layer of the snow pit starting collection in the bottom layer (0-10) cm AG.
CR = cryo run # for LTSEM processing information. Samples photographed on a Hitachi S-4100 low voltage scanning electron microscope using an Oxford CT-1500 HF cryo preparation system.

33807 33823 33805 33803 33797 33798

USDA, ARS, PSI, SGIL, EMU. Updated: 2006.