Electron Microscopy Unit Snow Page

Data for snow samples collected during the 2002 (CLPX) (IOP-1) Cold Land Processes Experiment for Low Temperature Scanning Electron Microscopy (LTSEM). (ISA) Intensive Study Area- Walton Creek- Pit site- RWSP14 located in Charlie sector- in open alpine mountain terrain with iterspersed coniferous and aspen groves. Samples Collected : by Eric Erbe-USDA-ARS-Beltsville Agricultural Research Center-Electron Microscopy Unit-Feb.24,2002, 11:11 AM , 15 meters East of the pit marking pole. Moderate amounts of snow falling,and windy with blowing snow. Temperature below freezing the entire period of snow collection. Pit characterization done by Charlie from Idaho.

Total Pit Depth: 110 cm AG= (above ground)
100-110 cm AG
90-100 cm AG
80-90 cm AG
70-80 cm AG
60-70 cm AG
50-60 cm AG
40-50 cm AG
30-40 cm AG
20-30 cm AG
10-20 cm AG
0-10 cm AG
Samples for (LTSEM) taken from north facing pit wall. 2-3 samples collected from the center of each 10 cm layer of the snow pit starting collection in the bottom layer (0-10) cm AG.
CR = cryo run # for LTSEM processing information. Samples photographed on a Hitachi S-4100 low voltage scanning electron microscope using an Oxford CT-1500 HF cryo preparation system.

34046 34056 34291 34297 34059 34060 34306 34310 34076 34077 34082 34083 34104 34105 34114 34106 34116 34127 34133 34134 34168 34174

USDA, ARS, PSI, SGIL, EMU. Updated: 2006.